Upveda Technology Private Limited

  • Who We Are ?

    Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd was established in December 2010 as a software firm based in Nepal with an aim to provide software development services to multifarious organizations. Upveda Technology aims to foster customized software solutions to our clients by understanding the real time problems and thus providing our clients with high end software solutions. We emphasize on creating an ambiance where our customers’ values are well understood and are transformed to user friendly solutions..

    This is well reflected by our goal to ‘Customize Values‘

  • What We DO ?

    Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd has a rich history of working with the government, bilateral/ multilateral donors, non-governmental organizations, political actors and civil society organizations. Upveda Technology has highly technical professionals and support staff. We also maintain roster of software consultants and partner with multitude of organizations with expertise in various domains. We are dedicated to delivering added value to our customers by providing innovative, profit-delivering software as well as technical support and expertise to help our clients achieve their business goals.